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Rolls Royce Data Centre, Rolls Royce Manufacturing, Filton, Bristol

Stradform were awarded the prestigious and highly complex project on a Design and Build form of contract with Gallese Design were approached and appointed to provide detailed design services compliant with Employers Requirement intent. The appointment was enhanced to support the project in a Commissioning Management role involving the main sub contractors.

Building description

Effectively 'a thermally insulated shed' enclosing the computer server requirements of Rolls Royce Bristol. The M & E design incorporated site BEMS interfaced air to air VRV heat pump technology for the HVAC environmentally controlled server room. Standby generation and UPS systems provided. A total of 250 KW of UPS power has been installed to server the current and directed future needs of Rolls Royce, with many 'back up' environmental condition features incorporated.