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SWALEC Stadium, Cardiff

In the summer of 2005 Paul Hinam took a call from the Chief Executive of Glamorgan Cricket Club on a Saturday morning - "Do you want to be part of it?", the rest is history. Gallese Design were appointed by Glamorgan Cricket on a Phase 1 and Phase 2 development of the Stadium from a struggling County cricket ground to a stadium which successfully staged the First Test of the 2009 ASHES series with media attention broadcasting globally. All systems worked successfully and many accolades from UK and Australian media, players, spectators and corporate event hosts were testament to the tremendous efforts made by the design/client and contractor teams.

The client aspiration was to provide an exemplar stadium capable of not just sporting success, but also conferencing and other major events such as 'Political Summits', BBC Sports Personality of the Year and many others not associated with cricket. Although sustainable features were very important, the M & E design was severely limited by budgetary constraint. Assessment Studies were provided to consider installing rainwater harvesting and solar thermal hot water to name but two, but unfortunately due to the limited operational hours, Return On Investment values were not convincing enough for the client to embrace the technologies.

Building description

The SWALEC Stadium is a 17000 spectator capacity stadium with one of the largest corporate to general spectator percentages in UK sports venues. It incorporates 22 hospitality boxes, four corporate lounges and a wonderful 'bowlers arm' viewing and entertainment facility on the Media Stand concourse.

Gallese Design are very grateful to Glamorgan Cricket Club and Paul Russell in particular for the support, encouragement and 'vision'. It has been wonderful to be a part of it!